[TMI] Wormhole & HS Based PvP & Industry - U.S. Time Zone

Praise be to Bob!

Twilight Military Industrial Complex is recruiting members and corporations to join our corp or alliance. We’re part of one of the first few original wormhole alliances. Now opening our doors and looking for mature and friendly pilots to come and build a small gang PvP and industry community with us and our allies. If you’re sick of the normal EVE culture and looking for a respectful environment to have fun in… You’ve come to the right place!

Stuff we like to do:

C2 Wormhole:

  • Small gang and defense PvP fleets
  • Group PvE fleets
  • Structured and organized operations
  • Reactions, Refinery, Research, and Manufacturing
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Moon mining
  • Static C4 and Highsec
  • T2/T3 production
  • Structure bashing

HighSec Operations:

  • Missions
  • Trade/Production
  • PvP Fleets to roam into low/null/wh
  • Triglavian Invasions
  • Co-op Frigate Triglavian Filaments

Traits we’re looking for:

  • Mature and laid back attitude
  • Looking to play casually and have fun (low drama)
  • Respectful
  • Helpful and plays well in groups
  • Some wormhole, probing and PvP experience or heavy interest in learning PvP
  • Interests in industry roles like mining, production, etc. helps but not required.

Requirements to join:

  • We want to get to know you a bit so we will have all new recruits join our Highsec corporation for a trial period.
  • Full ESI may be requested if we don’t feel right about you (if you have the shifty eyes)
  • Couple chats on Discord

Join our public in-game chat channel to stay in touch:

Nobody around? We’re probably sleeping, drunk, stoned, at work, or pleasing our significant other.
EVE-Mail ALL of the following (we will get back to you):

lord iskies

We are still actively recruiting. Join our pub channel: TMI-Pub

Hi, is it ok if I am AUS time zone?

We are still actively recruiting

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TMI is still seeking active PVPers and industrialists

We’re still recruiting active US timezone members interested in PVP and/or Industry

We’re still actively recruiting US timezone PVP and Industry pilots.

We’re still actively recruiting pilots interested in PVP and Industry.

We’re still actively recruiting pilots for wormhole fun!

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