[C4 > C3/C5 WH PvP] From the Shadows - US/EU PvP WH Corp Is Recruiting

From the Shadows [FTS] is a newly formed C4 Black Hole C3/C5 static WH corp looking to expand its ranks with both first-time and veteran Wormholers. While FTS doesn’t have any specific activity requirements, we are looking for people who actively play Eve and aren’t social recluses. This is not the place to blend into the background like a major corp in Null Sec; we are small enough that each person has a major impact whether that be Scouting, Hero Tackle, FC’ing, EWAR/Logi, or just pure Comedic value. If you’re looking for a corporation where you can truly make an difference, FTS may be the place for you.

What we Offer

  • Small gang PVP into other WHs, Low Sec, & Null Sec
  • Solo & Corp organized PVE ops in statics to make that cashmoney
  • 3 Directors (2 of whom are highly active EU players) with a combined 8 years of WH experience
  • Moon Mining / 5% Tax PI / Research / Manufacturing / Invention
  • A bunch of awesome pilots (and some Brits - we need to keep international relations high) to shoot internet spaceships with.
  • No mandatory ops

What we Require

  • No hard SP minimum - attitude and willingness to learn are more important (What would win, 1000 Rifter sized Avatars or 1 Avatar sized Rifter? You decide)
  • Ability to pilot a scouting frigate with a covert-ops cloak (Previous WH scanning experience, solo or corp, is a plus but not required)
  • Ability to pilot a Gila (Caldari/Gallente Cruiser to at least 4) with T2 medium drones. We fly cheaper ships as well, we just find this is a good baseline. Exceptions could be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Desire to create content vice waiting for it to be handed to you
  • Desire to learn, teach, and take risks in the name of content
  • Working microphone & coherent English
  • Killboard nazis need not apply

Future Goals

  • Develop a reputation for being willing to take a fight. We want to be the corp others want in their chains for pvp.
  • Grow in size to expand our content window
  • Become space middle class


  • Teamspeak 3 for comms
  • Discord for everything else
  • Pathfinder for WH mapping
  • Prime hours are 1700-0300 Eve time with a good overlap of US/EU players

Join our in-game recruitment channel (FTS Recruitment); or join our discord here at https://discord.gg/zz2jKAR and say hello!
Shoot a message/Eve-mail to Davak Kateelo. If after talking it appears we’re not a good fit, we may still be able to help point you in the right direction.

Fly Safe

Several people already dropping into our Discord channel - come by and have a chat!

Recruitment still ramping up. Come on by and say hi.

Making good progress - still looking for more pilots to come pew pew in our hole.

Come whelp ships with us!

Still looking for more pilots to fly with us!

Want to pew pew with a friendly group of crazy adults? Come and say hi!

Still looking for crazies to join the asylum

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