C4<C3/C5 Wormhole for Sale!

Hello There!

Are you looking for a great home for a fledgling new wormhole corp; or perhaps you are moving up in class from a C1 or C3?? Do you want to shekel your cold black capsuleer heart out and finally become space middle class, or have a base that can give you access to everything from high tier heavy armor comps, to enyos (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE lol), recons, and the odd alliance tournament ship in space? Well look no further! Welcome to your new home: http://anoik.is/systems/J152711

The C4<C3/C5 is ideal for several reasons:

  1. The C3 static ensures that Kspace is always just a jump a way! And if you do happen to be stuck with a C3 that has a null static; it’s only a 2 bill hole so rolling is easy! The C3 is also ideal for solo ratting; it’s easy to make 150-300 mill/hour! The C3 can also give you access to some of the most dynamic small gang fights in the game via low class connections. A lot of people always think of HK/LZHX/NoVac when they think wormhole PVP; but the most fun we’ve had pvp-ing has been in our C3 chain with smaller entities!!

  2. The C5 static gives you access to high end wh PVE. You will be able to run sites with just three Nestors; and be able to make ~500 million per hour! Or if you enjoy playing the predator, you can dunk on Russian farmers to your heart’s content.

  3. Due to mass restrictions on the holes; it is impossible to be seeded by enemy capitals. Thus, a lot of the bigger groups tend to leave the whole alone since they can’t play with caps here.

The hole comes stocked with anchored/fit Astrahus; Raitaru; and Athanor (all of them or take your pick of what you want) so you don’t have to worry about the tedious anchoring of structures that normally comes with moving into a new hole! In addition there are are a total of 85 moons so you can harvest as much moon ore as you can stomach!

Finally; the hole has perfect PI and can build just about anything (including P4’s) and comes with all POCO’s!

All in all; whether you’re trying to get a taste of every form of Jspace PVP Bob has to offer, or you’re trying to Krab your way to your first 100 billion, this hole can is a great place to put down roots.

Also, if you’re new to wormholes and need help with some basic concepts (ie “what’s a two bill hole?” “How do I roll holes?’”, “Do you have a good Rattlesnake/Nestor fit?”, etc); feel free to ask. We’re always down to show new groups how to thrive in Jspace and share in Bob’s bounty!

Contact Kublai Keikira here or ingame; Taylon Shiruda in game; or Davak Kateelo on discord (friend Davak Kateelo #4477) for details and pricing.

A reliable third party will be used to handle this sale; this isn’t my first rodeo folks. I would like to employ the services @Elizabeth_Norn (if you’re available Elizabeth!); scammers will be disappointed and then ridiculed.

Sure thing. Just arrange a date/time and CC me in on any mails with any other information I might need.

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Thanks Elizabeth!

Now that we have a legit third party lined up; feel free to ask any questions you may have about your potential new home!

Hi! Is it still for sale?

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