[ C4 WH PvP ] - Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting!


(WildTurk) #81

Tired of having supers dropped on you in Null? Come PVP the fun way with us!

(ninjawolf) #82

You should just come play with the big boys, end of! We have many fights to be had and FAR more fun than pressing F1 whilst anchored :smiley:

(WildTurk) #83

US TZ best TZ

(WildTurk) #84

Come say hi in our public recruitment channel or send Kevin a note!

(ninjawolf) #85

I wouldn’t send Kevin a note, he loses stuff like that! Should definitely drop by the public channel though :smiley:

(WildTurk) #86

Free content - Apply now!

(ninjawolf) #87

And if station spinning is your thing, apply to!

(Miscondukt) #88

Pub discord chan?

(WildTurk) #89

Stop by our recruiting channel in game today! We do not use a public discord for recruiting

(WildTurk) #90

What is life like without local? Find out today!

(ninjawolf) #91

Enjoy killing stuff with friends? Want to discover what it’s like to be able to jump on people? Wanna dunk those null bears? Check out the recruitment channel!

(WildTurk) #92

Chat server errors got you down? Come to WH space where that doesn’t matter!

(WildTurk) #93


(WildTurk) #94

Still recruiting! Shoot me a mail if you have any questions

(WildTurk) #95

Still recruiting

(WildTurk) #96

Still recruiting

(WildTurk) #97

Shoot me a mail with any questions!

(Mr Urb) #98

Were still recruiting, just jump into our channel and a recruiter will contact you.

(WildTurk) #99

Recruiting is open!

(WildTurk) #100

Looking for something new in Eve? Try wormholes today!