C8N8O16 [ONCBN] , A Japanese Nullsec PVP Corp is recruiting!

Greetings, Capsulers! We are nullsec PVP corporation in Pandemic horde, mainly consisted from Japanese. We do focus on nullsec-massive fights but go for various styles of PVP as well.

We are currently looking for experienced PVP pilots. We are primarily active in late-AUTZ to early EUTZ.
(other timezone welcome :D)

About us:

We are looking for experienced PVP pilots. We are a member of Pandemic Horde.

Our primary time zone is Late AU to EU(Japan~Asia timezone), however we do have members in other time zones as well.

Our blog
Our recruit movie

What We offer for you :

Weekly Corporation PVP Contents.

Daily Alliance PVP fleets.

The opportunity to fly with one of the most sexiest people in the new eden.

Corporation SRP to help supplement pilots.


Requirements :

20 million minimum skill points with combat capabilities.
if you are not skilled player. see this topic. (our staging corp recruitment)

Willingness to adapt our doctrines.

Dedicated PVP alts ( use of capitals, scouts… etc)

Working Microphone.

Ability to listen, comprehend and speak Japanese.

Basic Understanding of game mechanics.

Being active.

Bonus if you have :

Logistic Skills.

Trigravians or above Skills.

FC experience.

How do I join ?

Contact “Muraku Butler” via ingame mails.

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Recruitment is Open.

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Still Recruiting.

It seems somehow we are still recruiting. Right, Muraku ?

Still Recruiting.

We are recruiting!

Recruitment is open.

Recruitment is open.

Still looking for members.

I’m still recruiting.

The recruitment is open !

Recruitment is open.

Still looking for members.

We are recruiting !

Recruitment is Open


The recruitment is OPEN.

Recruiting …

The recruitment is open.