C8N8O16 [ONCBN] , A Japanese Nullsec PVP Corp is recruiting!

Greetings, Capsulers! We are nullsec PVP corporation in Goonswarm Federation, mainly consisted from Japanese. We do focus on nullsec-massive fights but go for various styles of PVP as well.

We are currently looking for experienced PVP pilots. We are primarily active in late-AUTZ to early EUTZ and having growing USTZ.

About us:

We are looking for experienced PVP pilots. We are a member of Goonswarm.

Our primary time zone is Late AU to EU(Japane~Asia timezone), however we do have members in other time zones as well.

Our blog
Our recruit movie

What We offer for you :

Isk making in Delve land.

Weekly Corporation PVP Contents.

Daily Alliance PVP fleets.

The opportunity to fly with one of the most sexiest people in the new eden.

Corporation SRP to help supplement pilots.


Requirements :

20 million minimum skill points with combat capabilities.

Willingness to adapt our doctrines.

Dedicated PVP alts ( use of capitals, scouts… etc)

Working Microphone.

Ability to listen, comprehend and speak Japanese.

Basic Understanding of game mechanics.

Being active.

Bonus if you have :

Logistic Skills.

Tech 2 Trigravians CL or above Skills.

FC experience.

How do I join ?

Contact “Muraku Butler” or “Katana Masen” via ingame mails.

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We are recruiting.

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Recruitment is Open.

Recruitment is Open.

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Still Recruiting.

It seems somehow we are still recruiting. Right, Muraku ?

Still Recruiting.

We are recruiting!

Recruitment is open.

Recruitment is open.

Still looking for members.

I’m still recruiting.

The recruitment is open !

Recruitment is open.

Still looking for members.

We are recruiting !

Recruitment is Open


The recruitment is OPEN.