Cache timer for Character information is 24 hours?

Am I misremembering this, or was the timer for getting public character information not 3600 seconds (1 hour), like it currently is for corporation and alliance information, instead of 86400 seconds (24 hours).


I’m running a discord bot and people usually join new Discord servers directly after changing corporations to get registered for the new service. I’m using the public character endpoint to check in what corporation people are and in the last few days I got a few complaints about character names not properly changing and roles being applied very late. I’m also getting a bunch of ESI errors telling me that the corporation information I’m requesting from characters is invalid, because the character is no longer in that corporation.

Did something change with that cache timer? Is there a faster way to check for corporation changes? Having people wait 24 hours before they get Discord roles is a bit of a bummer.


Probably be better to use

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Good catch, I think I’ll just do that for now. Thanks!
Maybe that was the timer I was remembering.

It got changed, due to a bad actor. Ccp will always defend the integrity of the cluster, over esi

I see, that sucks. I guess there was no way to just block this bad actor?

I’m using the affiliation endpoint now and it works great. I just need to rework how my requests are sent now, because it feels a bit wrong to lookup single character ids with batch requests.

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