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eveskill has been wonky here lately. I and my team at USIA, we use eveskill extensively to monitor standing changes, and there’s been times its not updated properly after refreshing at the hour mark.

A few things of note here:
The standings returned by ESI are raw. What you see in game is different based off certain skills you can train to bolster things.
The standings cache is 1 hour. Does that mean if you wait 1 hour it will always have changed? No, it means whenever the game decides to invalidate the cache, thats when it is ready which may or may not line up with the 1 hour timer on Eveskillboard

Feel free to join my discord to discuss further

This also has a cache based off when the SP was added, and the last time you logged in (ie if a skill finishes while you’re offline ESI doesn’t actually update until you login

I just force refreshed your board and it shows 52.6

I wasn’t saying anything bad about it… I think its wonderful what you did, and the higher ups are grateful for the few small changes that you done… we don’t refresh exactly at the one hour mark… we give it time to update from CCP’s end…

love the skillboard :stuck_out_tongue:

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