Buying a character for standings

It’s been many years since I have bought and sold characters on here and obviously a lot has changed. What I am wondering is that when buying a character based on their standings (such as buying one with +7.0 with Triglavians), does skillboards show the actual Triglavian and Edencom standings?

I do know that CCP holds sellers to 100% honest when using this trade venue but I have yet to see any characters showing Triglavian or Edencom standings at all, so how do you know the seller is telling the truth?

Eveskillboard shows the rounded value returned from . To my knowledge this is the Raw standing not affected by in game skills.

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Thank you Brock. I think the reason I had never seen the Edencom or Triglavian standings is that apparently very few characters even have them, so if they don’t have them they don’t appear. I did find this one:

When you click on standings it shows there.

So I guess that would serve as proof with any toon being sold.

That is correct, I don’t do any filtering on standings on eveskillboard, I display exactly what is returned with a bit of rounding (4 decimals)

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LOL. I didn’t imply that you did, what I had meant to point out is that I have never seen another character with any standings at all with Triglavians or Edencom. Apparently that is not a very popular area of the game.

I wanted to make sure that when buying a character with high positive Triglavian standings (just to be able to use the stupid gates in Pochven) that they really had the standings the seller claimed.

Probably a moot point now. There’s probably like 2 players in Eve that even have positive Triglavian standings and they probably don’t even read these forums, and are likely not even interested in selling their character anyway.

Such is eve.

It’s less a matter of not being popular (that’s debatable) and more it being new content - Trig/Edencom standings were only launched what, five months ago - and the standings are not easily raised (ship kills are the only method, vs most other factions having mission agents as an option). A lot of characters offered for sale aren’t going to be characters actively used to fight for/against Trigs and thus won’t have had a reason to have standings with either faction, as neither faction gave a reason to grind standings prior to the Pochven region creation.

You are unlikely to find any characters for sale with high Trig standings due to the sheer effort of grinding them and limited opportunities made available for such up to this point. That may change over time.

Interesting observation and thank you for your time. There is a reason for needing positive Triglavian standings, as boring and head-banging as it may be. That is required to use the gates in this horrible shithole.

One thing I have learned in the last decade of playing EvE is that when there is a need for anything, people will provide.

If there were a single character available now with +7.01 > standings with Triglavians I would but that character for 10b ISK regardless of if the name had an illiterate one (no capitals) and if it had no skills at all. Well, obviously it would have to come with some skills to have been able to grind up standings, but you know what I mean.

Pochven may suck, may (was actually) have been rolled out too early and incomplete, but if there is one thing that it has done, it has created a total void of characters for sale that have positive standings.

I have a feeling that someone like in Sweden or something will read this and sit there scratching his or her head and go “Oh, she is right!” and then start grinding a or some toons to sell. And those will sell for some ripe rewards no doubt.

I would give up 10b ISK right now in the blink of an eye for one.

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