(Reaver Argon) #1

Can’t find any Caiman gameplay out there… Can anyone show me any screenshots or videos ?
I’d like to see a dread with a fighter hangar :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rovinia) #2

You don’t find Caiman. Caiman finds you.

(Black Pedro) #3

I don’t think there is much footage out there. I did find this video of a Caiman fighting a Jaguar:

(Reaver Argon) #4


(Caldari Citizen 537695236) #5

More like getting ganked by a Jaguar.

(zluq zabaa) #6

Use it like a phoenix without the reload bonus, realize higher CPU is nice, higher raw hp not too bad.

From time to time remember you could also feed fighters.

Feed those fighters.

Die like any other Dread, because you can’t gtfo.

Look at shiny killmail and smile.


(If it at least could use Support Fighters…)

(system) #7

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