Alligator using the drake model?

Why does the alligator use the drake model instead of the Ferox model? Every other Guristas ship uses the caldari rail platform… why the inconsistency?

Rattlesnake, Caiman, and Komodo all are based on missile platforms.


Do the Caiman and Komodo count? What other model would they use?

The lore talks about the scorpion being a Rabbit design from the beginning. Long before the Rattlesnake was a player owned ship. Though, it would be interesting to see a faction or T2ish Rokh, it simply didn’t exist when the Rattlesnake was designed.

The Drake looks better anyway.


who cares about the ship model ? this simply doesnt matter …

single account players

then fly ships which are beatuful for you ! and oll other players fly ships because they are fit with their activitys

Dont get me started on how like half the ships in this game are just reskins from their t1 hulls.

I always get told it’s all tech inside so there is no need to change the hull. Lamest excuse to me tbh.

Drake looks better

Come at me.


Take a look at most real world naval ships, aircraft, tanks, space craft…they all look very similar. Things having similar hull designs is actually more realistic than having a new hull design for every new class of ship.


Well we are in space. And uhhhhhh :joy:

'runs away.


Anyone got an Alligator PVP fit yet? I want to start using it for PVP as soon as the hull drops in price. It’s the prophecy on steroids from what I understand.

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