Alligator and Khizriel need love

While on the test server I looked into both of these ships and came away disappointed with the dps only one utility high unlike the new faction battlecrusers. These will be significantly more expensive to build and are significantly worse in many ways. The alligator is a gila with 2 mor launchers and an extra low. While the khizreil has the same issue the cynable does. The dps is low and speed is comparable while lacking the power grid to fit 425s.
These need buffs

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Wait, there’s a ship called an alligator now? Me want.

I agree, any ship with such a name should be OP. I demand that it be buffed!

Ok now I’m off to look up what it is…

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I think it is balanced look at this fit for the Alligator.

Picture Below

the khizrael does pretty good on DPS with autos . you just have to fit it properly to take advantage of the double range bonus . one faction targeting comp and 2 ambit rigs a midgrade snake pod with falloff implant strong soothsayer and you got 81km falloff with 425s and barrage 660 dps not a fun thing to try to tackle as it goes 3200 cold for a battlecruiser
it definately is not a solo ship but is a powerful addition to a kity nano gang albeit pricey

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you can also fit up an alt with a cap stable scalpel with 2 remote computers in the mids to bump your falloff up significantly so maybe you can use a weaker soothsayer to reduce the risk of bad penalties


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I think they’re both fine (maybe a tad expensive atm).

Needs moar gas huffers and such. There isn’t much play on price if you make these pure market buys for mats/components and you get liberal with the cost of bpc if you get it yourself.

I made a few with acquired BPC’s lacking the indy side of this lol. I wasn’t gouging price. I was being nice on the BPC price really.

And for those who can acquire/make the components…well if the market says its selling for X isk, they will sell it for X too lol. Otherwise it be “free mins” scenario lol.

I’ve mentioned on other threads, but the pirate hulls all seem to be modeled after the SoE input requirements, despite having stats more akin to the traditional empire hulls. It’s effectively doubling the hull price for the same stats. I think if that were to come down, they wouldnt feel so underpowered for the price. Numerically theyre not far off from their empire counterparts.

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I’d like to see the fit, I’m not seeing that DPS unless that’s hot with 4 faction gyros.