Anyone else waiting for the mamba price to drop?

I just came back to the game and I’ve been running t0 filaments on a cheap Worm fit! (as cheap as i can get atleast lol)

I love how the worm flies and I’m really hoping the price on the Mamba so I can run T1s on it :>

(I know I could do that on the worm but I’ve been trying to practice multiboxing and running t0s so I can do two at once… only lost two worms to forgetting to orbit something and them just flying out of bounds… lmao)

I’m sure many people are waiting for prices on the new Guristas and Angel ships to drop.


Honestly, I am more interested in the Alligator dropping in price, I want to use it for PVP. I think it would be a better version of the Drake Navy Issue.

I think you’re right.

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Not while I’m just slowly offloading gas stockpile at double the price :smiley:


The bottle neck is with k space gas.
K space gas has doubled in price.
The pre price increase price for the pirate battle cruiser is 500m isk.
If you do gas mining in k space see the gas price.

It will eventually drop. Same thing happened when ships as cheap to produce as the Tech 1 destroyers introduced in the Rubicon expansions came about. 5-10 times their settled price in a matter of months.

The cost determiner is the extra side mats (for this not making them themselves, but those who can say wth…we can charge that too). When that price gets better, faction gets better.

seems to be happening somewhat. 1 bill BC"s are now more 800 ish.

Gurista may be slower since pulling “harder” fights. they had a rougher start based on what I read in discords and such. So some may put more value in the BPC for now.

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