They're not buying it!

Seems like their a buyer’s strike. I got the cheapest frigate/destoyer/HAC t2 hulls on the market right now compared to everyone else, even though they’re way more expensive than yesterday…and so far the community has refused to buy em! Beware!

I’ll let you know what’s going on 12 hours from now.

Its day 1 of a 2 week stoppage. T2 producers at this point will still have production lines running into the market and people will have residual stock. Buyers will also be looking to substitute out. Substitution is where my money is at. Why engage in the volitility of the 2 week black friday of tech 2 when you know that demand for alternatives is where the buyers will be.

Maybe you’re being impatient. It will be a month, possibly 2 months before moon material prices stabilize at a new normal and that new normal will probably be higher than the old normal unless CCP lets Alphas fly barges.

Give people a few days to get over the sticker shock - they will need to replace ships long before the prices settle.

I thought about that, but I decided not to try it.
That’s what my dumb ass gets, I guess. Have you made much isk so far?

Hopefully I can get away with selling my ~100 t2 blasters I have rotting in a station somewhere for a good bit of an overprice.

You’ll easily sell a hundred. I’ve been supplying CODE with blasters at pre chaos prices - just sold AAaaarrrrggghh four thousand of them - but there is lots of demand from FW players.

I’m less sure about hulls, which is why I focused on modules.

I’m holding half my hulls to see what actually happens. Worst case scenario is a 10% profit from original investment. The dictors and harpy’s all sold out though. So it’s looking better. The HAC’s haven’t moved at all and I got the lowest prices.

Ah there’s still some reg priced HACS in Amarr/Domain not many though. Buy them while you can!

i can just imagine seeing a huge fleet of 50 or more alpha accounts in barges mining afk…

Hot droppers have been complaining about a lack of targets. If it’s a choice between Alphas and bots or ISBoxer fleets - I’ll take Alphas!

The HACS are still not selling. The AF’s and Dictors all sold though.

My guess is that HAC pilots are more experienced players in general and are trying to wait it out and probably have a couple of extra HACS on hand. Also Dictors have a very high death rate.

Is that some kind of multiboxing program?

Yes. We used to have 50 ship multibox mining fleets until they banned input broadcasting (sending the same command to several clients simultaneously).

Some fleets are still larger than I would consider practical for legal multiboxing hence the continuous threads complaining about bots.

If people are using automation to run large fleets, I hope Team Security catches them - it’s not healthy for the game.

I`m not a leet cruiser pilot so can only speculate. Maybe Hacs are substitutable for strat and faction cruisers? Hics/ Dics/ Bombers/ Blops and T2 logi are pretty specialist so will be most exposed to the changes.

^^^^ This too. If I was a HAC pilot I’d grab faction cruisers and wait this storm out.

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