Sabre's at 120mil?

What’s going on with all these t2 hulls and mods jumping in price.

The great majority of t2 hulls are not ISK efficient as it stands, who in their right min would buy a t2 hull over a specialized fit for a t1 hull in this market?

It’s more ISK efficient to purchase a HIC in this market instead of a DIC. That’s insane.

This is going on. Or in other words: Market manipulation and material hoarding spiking and disrupting the market.

I thought this expansion was going to increase t2 raw materials. Seems like the opposite.

Maybe, maybe not. However, until the first batches of new materials come to the markets, it is going to take some time because you need to build the refineries from BPO first which takes more than a week, anchoring takes another day, and then it’s another week until you can explode the first moon chunk. That’s more or less 2 weeks at the minimum between the expansion and the first structures producing results. Quite a gap that you can exploit if you hoarded materials. What happens afterwards is anyone’s guess.

In the short term, no.

And so it begins. The Tech 2 market chaos might be an insightful read. I abused the short-term supply crisis to cause a bunch of profitable market shocks (for me) in various T2 module markets. I actually sold out too early.

I didn’t take the plunge on hulls but undoubtedly others had the same idea and acted accordingly.

Looks like HAW dreads will be more ISK efficient than T2 BC’s and HACS LOLOLOL

I just bought every underpriced dictor/af/hac/t2 hull you can imagine in the surrounding hubs. I’ll be hauling all night, expecting this 8bil investment to produce no less than 12 bill in returns if not 14bil within 24 hours

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