LESHAK To hold or to sell

I know this may be too early to ask but i have 2 in hanger and a 3rd on the burner. not liking the cost vs sales price atm should i hold them and for how long ?

I would personally be trying to sell them as quickly as possible, Your main expense in building them is Crystalline Isogen-10 which has gone down drastically from its start price a few days ago. So your main cost of construction is decreasing, and I don’t expect it to go up in the near future but I have’t ran the sites yet so it maybe rarer then I think, so people building new hulls will have a cheaper cost so prices will go down.

I am also going with the observation that almost any new ship/module in EVE is most expense in the first few days and rapidly decreases from there so usually you want to sell as soon as possible. Only after the market has stabilized, anywhere from weeks to months, can you start thinking about holding.

TL;DR Sell Sell Sell

This is just my expectation and my opinion. Any trades you make should be based on your own information and I am not responsible for any lost profits you can have made from following/ignoring my advise.

Of course you should sell. The price of these things is not based on the materials price at all right now, and purely reflect scarcity and the desire for players to get their hands on something new. These are only going to diminish over the coming days and weeks, so the price will only go down.

Sell. Sell as fast as you can.


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