WTS Chimera Carrier IN PARTS Isseras 0,6 HighSec

U do realise there are bare hulls at markets around 3 bils?

Yes in Low Sec

I will offer you 1b

I will keep it at 4.85

JIta 4.40


Am i somehow wrong with a price?

You cant build the carrier in HS. You can build the components, move them to LS or NS and build the carrier there.

So why pay more for the work of building when you can buy one in LS

First it isn’t more , it is a correct price.
If Chimeras are sold to 6b where do you see a more than normal price part?
Man look at the data.

Just search for the ship on contracts. Capitals are very rarely on the market since they have to be sold in low sec or high sec. Good Luck.

1.1 billion interstellar Kredits