Re: Assault Frigates, Assault Damage Control, and anything relevant

So I just hopped on to sisi to look at the changes for assault frigates, and to figure out the new Assault Damage Control module. I have yet to examine all the changes, so there is more to come in the following posts.

The assault damage control. it goes without saying that this new module is a tactical choice, but very powerful.
Of course you absolutely have to have impeccable timing to realize its full potential, but that potential can be huge. and I’m not sure on that… I mean, slapping it on a completely unfitted Jaguar puts it at 92K EHP… is that a typo??

Now, the Jaguar, the one ship I’ve looked at so far.
Trying to fit it without any implants at all was a bit of a challenge. let me start with the bad thing first so I can finish this in a good way…

The bad: DPS. the Jaguar currently has around 150 DPS on TQ with, say, 200mm autocannons, republic fleet phased plasma, and one gyrostabilizer. however on sisi, with rocket launchers, rage rockets, and one BCS, it has exactly 133.9 DPS. so DPS wise, it got slapped a little bit.

The ugly: it only got 15tf more CPU power. at first glance it seems like it’s slightly better, until you remember that rocket launchers take more CPU than 200mm autocannons. in fact, they take up almost double the CPU: 12.75 for rockets and 6.75 for the autocannons, to be precise (T2 variant). if we add that up - 6 * 3 = 18 more tf. that means that practically, the jaguar has just slightly less CPU to work with after fitting the rocket launchers.
In that regard, I ask you to please increase the damage bonuses on the jaguar from 5% to 10%.

Also it’s worth mentioning that the compact ADC uses 4tf more than a compact DC. so if you elect to use an ADC, you have even less fitting room.

So fitting wise, even though it’s a challenge and is even more so judging by the current sisi numbers, it is still somehow - almost miraculously if you ask me - still fit-able. you just have to figure out which module variants use up the least CPU and use those ones.

And finally, the good: the Jaguar finally gets the bonus it should have had in the first place. yes, I am talking about the shield boosting bonus. it seems so odd that the Jaguar doesn’t have that bonus on TQ, given the fact that shield boosters are a minmatar thing, while the hawk gets it even though it’s not so relevant for caldari. the hawk is the only caldari ship that I know has this bonus outside of strategic cruisers.

The only thing I’m asking for, when it comes to anything relevant for shield boosters, is that you please, PRETTY PLEASE WITH ICE CREAM ON TOP OF WHATEVER FLAVOR YOU WANT, give the Jaguar more cargo space. if the Hawk gets 300 cubic meters, why can’t the Jaguar have that too?

For my last point I want to throw a word about HACs. does the Vagabond really have to have those pathetic 5% bonuses? is it crazy to ask for 7.5? maybe 10? or perhaps giving the Vagabond more fitting resources? And how about the Zealot, hmm?

To make it short, the Jaguar needs more fitting, more DPS and more cargo. I still haven’t decided on my opinion about the Assault Damage Control, it might just turn out to be epicly good.

Feel free to comment on anything I said, plus the new stuff on sisi for AFs, ADC and HACs. For now, I’m off. Good night and fly preposterous o7

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Wait, when did the Jaguar become a missile boat?

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check it on sisi. it just did.

Is there a Dev Blog or post about these changes? Its a bit difficult for me to get on SISI at the moment.

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From SiSi:

(runs in circles crying)

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I dunno the arty/ac redundancy was kinda meh. A new weapon type is at least something different…

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I can agree with that as long as it doesn’t lose DPS… which it did.

The powergrid and CPU of all assault frigates other than the Jaguar all remain the same for now. CCP, please add some more fitting room to all of them.

Another positive change is that all assault frigates get a reduction in mass and increase in base velocity. there’s nothing bad I can say about that. good job on that one CCP, keep up the good work.

I wonder if they are using the re-balnced t1 frigs for baseline stats or just using the current stats for assault frigs. There should be no reason the AF t2 hull is worse in any fitting metric than the t1. If the Jags loses dps with this change in the final iteration…

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Just another example of :psyccp: :roll_eyes:

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At this point if they copy paste the t1 redone frig stats onto the t2 it may be a buff…

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The description of the jaguar suggests that its now build by Core complexion instead if thukker mix, i wonder if its going to get a new skin to reflect this

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I logged in one of my characters who flies a Wolf to see what they had done to it when I got home from work. The answer is absolutely nothing - no change from what’s on TQ. Hawk and Retribution also look pretty much unchanged though I didn’t log those pilots in to make sure. Could be the Jaguar changes were deployed to the test server first because it is getting a new weapon system.

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CCP is introducing the new “we won’t tell if you don’t” policy.

And for the purpose of information, I posted that here:

Is a bug where the bonuses do not apply correctly.

And another bug is when you used your assault damage control, you cannot turn off your mwd.

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The Retribution had a 7.5% energy turret tracking bonus -> 5% rate of fire bonus.

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Subtle - I was wondering why my Retribution fit was cap stable on TQ but depletes in 4 minutes on Singularity. ROF bonus gives a nice DPS bump - 185.9 compared to 139 but chews up more cap. I also seem to have picked up 2 tf CPU - not sure where it’s coming from, the ship has the same amount but I’m using less. I can fit the assault DCU II on this one so I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

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At this point i have to ask myself if CCP genuinely hates the Rifter hull.

I just came back to the game and saw the Rifter treatment … it went from 2nd rate frigate, always passed over for some better options, to no tier frigate (seriously … close range brawler with no utility slot and no tracking bonus :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Breacher costs nothing, can do 185 dps with drones, full selectable damage types and you can push the shields to 2500 with masb or 2100+ with just MSE.

A special tactical mod would help but the bigger problem on the jag is the slot layout and low dps.
In the current meta, you either need absolute control over engagement range so it’s all a game of who has more base speed and mids, or you need gank.
The jag in the state it is on SISI has the former, but it seriously lacks the latter.
Why not make it 4/4/3 with 1 utility slot, let it use rockets and get most of it’s dps from a pure damage bonus instead of a rof bonus (more overload friendly this way), while pushing it to about 180-200 dps with rage rockets, 1 bcu and no overload ?

PS: Can you give the Wolf a lazer bonus pls … so we can have all rifter hulls wrecked in one form or another. :frowning:

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Another mini boat turned to lamedari RIP

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Only if the Hawk and Vengeance get a 300% damage bonus.

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