Issues with the Jaguar

I absolutely love that the Jaguar is becoming a shield repping missile boat. Excellent change.

My first issue is minor. The Jaguar is still a variation of the rifter where I think it should be a variation on the breacher based on bonuses. This makes sense just to help newer dudes learn what the jaguar should fly like and what the upgraded version of their breacher is.

Next issue I have is the strength of the Jag. The breacher is a very strong ship in facwar. This is partially due to the impressive tank you can get with the dual tank fit. The breacher currently has 4 mid slots which allows an ancil, scram, web, and AB in the current meta. With the decent speed of the breacher you have enough range control to control most brawling fits.

The Jaguar has 5 midslots to play with. Potentially allowing for another web for more range control or some mobility(through a dual prop fit) or tank. On top of the extra mid you also have 40m/s faster speed to work with.

On the Jaguar you also get a utility high which I think is a really good thing to have. I wont gripe much about this because its a good thing for this Jag to have but it does add to the overall OPness of this ship.

One things I really do like is that we didn’t get a drone bay to work with on the Jag. The DPS on the Jag is comparable to the breacher but doesn’t need drones to accomplish this.

I am no where near good at balancing ships but after playing with different fits for like an hour its very apparent that the Jag is far stronger than it should be.

As for the model, the t2 ship based on the Breacher is the Hound.

I know. The Wolf and Jag currently arre both based on the rifter. But im not talking about changing the ship model just the entry in the variations tab to show that the Jag is actually a variation of the breacher.

you could’ve posted this on my thread: Re: Assault Frigates, Assault Damage Control, and anything relevant

you can’t compare the jaguar to the breacher because of their respective categories. you should instead compare the jaguar to the other assault frigates.

also, the jaguar is not a variation of the breacher, so let it go. ishkur is not a tristan, vengeance is not an inquisitor, and hawk is not a kestrel.

I can easily compare the breacher and the jaguar based on relative strengths. I could compare the jag to other assault frigates but i would say that the rifter is closer to the Wolf than the Jaguar. And oh wow. The amarr missile assault frigate is not the amarr logi frig. TIL.

Why don’t you get over being sad i didn’t post in your thread. I wanted to talk about the Jag in particular and my experiences with it. Why You Hev 2 B Med. Is Only Gaem.

gotta love it when they talk hot ■■■■ while giving away the fact they’s teh one who are mad :loveparrot: puts a big ol smile on my face.

another thread meant to fail.

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HI :}

Summary of Assault frig requested changes:

Roll bonus
(Removed) 50% sig reduction while mwd is on (Not needed anymore because of ADC, also not useful in current meta as rapid lights hit for same damage no matter what same for drones.)
(Added) +50% capacitor capacity (much stronger capacitors needed for the class in general)

The new speed is really nice thanks for that.
no less than 3 mid slots (2 mid’s let enemies disengage when ever they feel like it which is horrible for solo pvp)
no less than 4 weapons (200+ dps at close ranges, less and the ship becomes too weak eg the new jag is really weak)

In my opinion a ship shouldn’t need fitting modules to fit a standard fit, only if your upping modules to max or over-sizing them, the jag suffer’s terribly with fitting, I know that this is only the first balance attempt and hence why its on Sisi so just sharing my input :]

Good dps throughout the class (The name Assault suggests offence)
With decent capacitor it might allow Assault frigs to kite with 1 rep running, which would be very unique to the class, something I don’t really see ships doing. (The jaguar atm has really horrible dps outclassed completely by the hawk even with a speed advantage I think the hawk has 2-3x more dps? Being able to shoot into a resist hole only ups dps by 20% around) With the current meta if your ship doesn’t have enough dps to break the enemies tank what ends up happening is that it gives the enemy time to bring lots of reinforcement’s and then you just get blobbed, this is why the hawk/harpy/enyo is so much better than the old jag/vengeance and so on, although people really only used jags in fleets as hard scram suicide tackle which any assault frig can now do because of ADC no need to make a ship have really bad dps just to do that.

ADC (Assault damage control)
The damage immunity favors high DPS ships (Hawk, Harpy, Enyo), the current jag and vengeance really miss out on the amount of damage done during this time, these ships have utility high’s thou with better capacitors these ships could fit neut’s and if ADC had a bonus of increased neut drain during this time the lower dps more tany ships would not be missing out on ADC as much then as they will have a higher chance of breaking the enemy tank during this time.

An idea, move capacitor batteries to low slot rather than mid slot.

Another idea might be to make player progression more fluid with the wolf (more mids than lows, shield wolf would feel a lot more minimatar) flowing into the vaga(hopefully 5mids :]) into the sleipnir and the jaguar flowing into the munnin (shield, missile) into the claymore. Maybe the rifter can get +1 mid and -1 low so that it can become shield rather and flow better with the rest of the line.

To me minimatar is iconic for shield’s, no need for armor, if we wanted armor + missiles we could go amarr or if we wanted armor + guns we would go gallente, caldari have always been the snipers so short ranged minimatar shield + missile wouldn’t step on caldari toe’s, while short range brawler armor + guns steps on gallente toe’s.
I would also like to reference the minimatar fleet bonus’s which are shield + skirmish, which emphasis the minimatar way even more :confused:, by making the wolf shield would make a lot of people that think they lost the jag a lot happier as well, because they will still have their shield/auto ship just please don’t nerf the wolf’s dps in the process it’s dps is pretty balanced with the rest of the other assualt frigs.

P.S. removed a massive post and summarized it for you guys.

like it

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