T2 Assault frigates... Can we get a remodel?

The current Assault Frigates… Wolf, Jaguar, Vengence, Retrubution, Harpy, Hawk, Ishkur, and Enyo. All are based on 4 models in game… Rifter, Punisher, Merlin, and Incursus. But yet the ships lore doesnt match in all cases. The Jaguar is based off of the Breacher… why does it NOT look like a Breacher?

The Hawk should look like a Kestrel. The Ishkur should be based on the Tristan. And their is no version of a T1 Amarr Frigate that uses missiles or Rockets… which makes NO sense, seeing as they have a Cruiser with missile bonuses.

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Indeed. There are two different hulls used for the HACS which are based on the equivalent T1 hulls (as much as possible). Why not have the same for AF.

They did the same for Command Ships a few years ago.

Do you mean assault cruiser?

And once the Inquisitor I think did rockets.

when assault frigates were released they fitted in vary well. keep in mind that most of the hulls we have today and the bonuses they have were changed significantly.

The tristan for example was not a drone boat.
the rifter was massively overpowered
the punisher was tankier
and well caldari i supose

the T2 design philosophy was that a particular corporation would take a base hull and add their flaire
thus was born the Ishkur and the enyo.

there were models made for some of the T1 hulls that would reflect the older bonus sets. like a T2 tristan with blaster range and damage bonuses.

Because its easier to take one ship and make 2 variants, than it is to work with 2 ships and make 1 variance of each.

Atleast the Nemesis and Manticore look like an offshoot of the Tristan and krestel. The other two, not so much.

Just because ships follow in the footsteps of others, it doesn’t mean that they have to look like them.

The subsystems that make up ships in New Eden are pretty versatile, and not custom designed for a single vessel chassis.

Often, parts are used across entire classes and ship lines.

So no, Jag shouldn’t look like the Breacher, the Hawk shouldn’t look like the Kestrel, and the Ishkur shouldn’t look like the Tristan :slight_smile:

Just because they have similar bonuses, doesn’t mean they need to look alike.

  • they changed the model for Command ships a few years ago so there are now 2 hulls used per faction, mostly basing their choices on the bonuses of the T1 hull. Just because it makes more sense.

  • HACS have pretty much always been like that, 2 different hulls per faction and (as much as possible) make it make sense bonus wise

  • many many years ago they did it for the covert ops frigate, changing the Helios’ hull from the Maulus one to the Imicus one (I still haven’t forgiven them for that one)

Any other explanation than “CCP hasn’t arbitrarily decided to do that (yet)” is illogical and simply making stuff up. Anyone stating it wouldn’t make sense is lying, it DOES make sense. It’s just that some people don’t want to see their personal AF toy change model and will use any and all bogus “logic” to try and prevent it.

Yep. I think the current models are great. Slight update might be in line some time in the next couple years.

More urgent matter is to add different pieces to the Ishkur and Enyo, like it used to be.

One of them should get longer lance, the second should get more “engines” in the back, like it used to be.

The textures could be reused.

“we fired most of our artists, stop asking for new models”

But why WOULD I want different Amarr hulls for either of my AFs?

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