Ship Model Updates

When I stopped playing a few years ago, there was an movement in CCP to update ship models with better, more details ships.

Coming back, it seems that effort stopped. The Golem still has the same model as in 2012. So do some other big ships. The Rattlesnake also seems fairly dated. The models look like metal toys that have been mistreated by the child who owns them with rounded corners and scuff marks everywhere. How this would happen in space is beyond me. But that’s not important right now. What is important is that you look at a Jackdaw and you say “Cool.” You look at the Golem and think maybe a skin will help it. But nope. A skin doesn’t help it. It’s the ship model.

Did the ship updates not reach these ships? The holograms are unwelcome additions to out-of-date graphics, in my view. These models need serious help and do not measure up despite being used daily by tons of players.

They’ve been working on lights and engine effects of ships. Last expansion saw all Frigates and Marauders getting a visual update. This isn’t something that you can see in the preview window, but must see live (and in bastion). Destroyers were the first to get this update in Uprising.

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Yeah my marauders all have glowing things and holograms on them. Not a fan. But the models themselves are old and outdated looking.

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