Caishen's Angels: Pirates and Miners Living in Harmony

Caishen’s Angels is a J-Space and Low-Sec “jack-of-all-trades corp.”

We are currently recruiting!

Our corp. enjoys mining, industry, and killing nerds. We have five active members at this time.

We are currently based out of a C3. We plan to eventually establish High-Sec and Low-Sec forward bases. To make ISK, we run combat sites in J-Space. We also have many corp. members who are part of the High-Sec Incursion community, and that is our secondary source of income. Of course, we also construct ships and materials in our (very) efficient Raitaru to use or sell.

But what do we spend our cash on? Ships to blow up, of course! We pride ourselves on our ability to engage in small-scale and solo combat in both J-Space and Low-Sec. We don’t claim to be “elite,” but we do enjoy the sweet sound of a Coercer pumping 300 DPS into another Tech I Destroyer… zap ZAP!

Please, contact this character in-game for more information, or visit us on our website.


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