Caldari Corax Broken Thruster

For the devs, couldn’t find where this goes but the issue is clear.

did you bug report it?

that would have been a better option than just coming here with an image and no context (for the record i don’t use a corax, so i don’t see what the problem is.)

Can’t see any issue. And as said above. Bug report is always way to go with such things.

Are you perhaps seeing the hangar/drone bay thing and thinking its a thruster?

The set of thrusters on the left of the pic, the inside set, aren’t firing.

Or maybe there’s only one set on the left anyway. I have never looked at a Corax before now…

Found the bug report and put it there also.

But yea, it’s clearly missing some firing action on the left side.

It don’t, there is only hull there. I don’t know why you expect it to be symmetrical? Preview from ship tree has good lighting so go see there. Corax was like this since I started playing in 2016.

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