Rorqual siege visual bug

Since mid-April my rorqual (when sieged) does not transform into a vertical tower. It opens its bays, rotates some things, shoots out fire, and remains totally horizontal.

CCP Please, this is a goofy bug, I’ve seen it posted about elsewhere and frankly it’s amazing to me that it hasn’t been fixed. It’s a really expensive ship, would be cool if it’s industrial core did its job.

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mine did it normally yesterday. If it is bumping on something that keeps it from going veritcal, that isn’t a bug. If that was the case…

yea weird visual bugthat doesnt make much sense.

Nah it’s not an issue with collision, some of us have not seen a rorq go vertical for well over a month.

Found a reddit comment from CCP Swift yesterday that confirmed it was a bug and being worked on.