Lazy Rorquals - Change or bug?

Why do Rorquals no longer stand up? They just lay down now. Was this a weird change they made or a new bug?

This may be a worse nerf than the drone mining nerf.


Is that Rorqual sieged?

If I recall they only stand up while sieged.

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Only sperm whales stand up in their sleep ?

yep, we tested another Rorq just in case. The lid is open and it’s shooting flames though so it’s visibly in siege. Even after several chained cycles of siege, still laying down.

So sieged Rorquals stay horizontal instead of going vertical?

Sounds like a bug to me!

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In the old days of off grid boosing the rorqual would go into siege but not look like it. If you jumped out of system and jumped back in, the model would update.

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we did have people join the fleet after some time and it was laying down still for them so seems like a constant bug or perhaps an intended change. I just don’t see any reason CCP would intentionally change it lol