Caldari COSMOS Items for sale

All in Jita, prices below beat the current contract prices

2 x Kepheur’s Keycard 4m ppu - 8m total
12 x Ancient Weapon 14m ppu - 168m total
1 x Assistant’s Keychain 750k
720 x Bag of Counterfeit Credits 45k each - 32.4m total
1 x Broken Bug Device 17m
12 x Kusan Niemenen’s Missile Launcher 833.333k each - 10m total
16 x Nugoeihuvi Rifles 1.5m ppu - 24m total
1 x Pakkori’s Hat 7m
6 Wiyrkomi Rifles 5m ppu - 30m total
139 Bandit Spur 200k ppu - 27.8m total
92 Difter Spur - 200k ppu - 18.4m total
18 x Marauder Spur - 300k ppu - 3.9m total
26 x Outlaw Spur - 300k ppu - 7.8m total
8 x Punk ID Slice - 2.5m ppu - 20m total
2 x Miner 7m ppu - 14m total
1 x Quao Kale 3.7m

Total would be 392,750.000 round down to 390m

Still Available

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