Khanid Navy Heavy Assault Launchers now back on Jita Market

Check out these rare launchers and purchase them for your Tengu, Sacrilege or Damnation. They are now available on the Jita market again, with sell prices at 275-280million.

Joint best performance in the game alongside Caldari Navy HAM Launchers, but with much lower CPU requirements. Powergrid needs the same as Tech 2.

These items are so rare they have collectable value, even if they are not named ‘officer’ modules. The price is only likely to go down if CCP does something to increase supply, so well worth it as a store of value.

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Daily price update… now 270million :slight_smile:

Daily Price Update… latest sale price is now 265million :slight_smile:

Weekend sale… prices coming down this weekend only! All prices between 265-270million.

UPDATE: The first transactions took place a short while ago… people are buying these rare launchers, for which there is no officer equivalent. They are ideal for the Sacrilege, Damnation and Tengu.

The Sale continues until the end of today! Buy your Khanid Navy HAM Launchers today!

Now is your chance to buy these rare launchers. Even if you already have a set of Caldari Navy HAM Launchers, a set of these to compliment your collection will come in very useful for certain situations, especially Abyssal PvE and Lowsec Gang PvP.

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