Khanid Navy HAM Launchers now back on the market

It seems that these rare and useful HAM Launchers are now available again on the market. They have the same performance stats as Caldari Navy HAM Launchers, but it seems their advantage is in a lower CPU fitting requirement, which would explain the higher price. Probably very useful for ships like Tengu, Sacrilege and Damnation.

Will these Launchers become popular, given the recent Faction Launchers change to load Tech 2 Ammo?

Subtle hint at people to go buy your launchers :ccpguard:

I might have 1 or 2 to sell, purely through redeeming a very small amount of LP through the Khanid Navy LP Store, but seeing as there is no blueprint for these modules available, I’m certainly not responsible for the 16 others there are on the market at the moment and it requires an obscene number of very expensive tags to get hold of these :slight_smile:

There were none for sale last week, yet today there seems to be a load. It would have taken a lot of tags to carry out.

I’m interested in knowing people’s view on this Launcher, relative to the others available on market.

All Khanid’s items are rare and not because of them anyhow special but only few constant sources folks who actually grind this LP shop. Same thing about Ammatars.
I’ve been selling those and income not that great as you can imagine, thus performance of modules same as any other equal meta level.

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The first sales of these Launchers happened last week and over the weekend.

Looks like the market for these modules is starting to develop again.

I notice that the price of these Launchers is not that much higher than Caldari Navy ones now.

I have decided to permanently extend the current price. Buy buy buy!

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