WTB Low Grade Stuff In Dantan

I’ve been trying to buy the following materials in Dantan.

1 Integrated Hornet for 349 K ISK
1 5NM Microwarpdrive I for 54K ISK
1 Acolyte I for 3K ISK
6 Cap Booster 25 Blueprints at 315K ISK Each
6 Hammerhead I at 86K ISK each
1 Explosive I Coating at 27K ISK
1 Salvager I at 120 K ISK
1 Small Capacitor Booster I at 13K ISK

I placed these orders at Dantan, being told by a corpmate as long as I price them higher than Jita, a seller will come.

IIRC I started placing random duplicate orders at other places. Like the Explosive Coating, Acolyte, and Hammerhead order at Assaid, the Hammerhead order at Heir, and the Acolyte and Hammerhead order at Upper Debyl.

I know this is unusual since I’m just advertising the market orders I have that didn’t get filled out, but this is In game ISK for in game items.

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I got the microwarpdrive somewhere else, I cancelled that order, other buy order is still in Dantan.

You still looking for these items?

Oh sorry, I got them all by this point. I didn’t know how to close a thread though. Sorry to get your hopes up

All good. Was just checking.

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