Caldari Fire Demons [C-FD] is recruiting. Be a part of a new era in Providence [EU/US TZ]

We have room for more employees. Both industrialists and combat focused ppl are welcomed :slight_smile:

Up we go :slight_smile:

A steady stream of potencial recruits are banging on our door. I’d like to have even more to do, so bring it on :sunglasses:

20 new characters in this year not counting the ones joining for a day and leave. We have room for more :slight_smile:

your discord link has turned invalid

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Thank you! Link is fixed now.

Come on over :slight_smile:

Francesco is complaining we have too few miners for our moons, so we need more miners!

Industry Index has decreased! :scream: Come help us bring it up again :innocent:

bump it up :wink:

We have room for more people :slight_smile:

Miners needed! :slight_smile:

Moar miners :slight_smile:

yup, still recruiting :slight_smile:

A short break in advertising, but now we’re back at it :slight_smile:

Fresh blood please

Again accepting new blood :slight_smile: