Caldari Fire Demons [C-FD] is recruiting. Be a part of a new era in Providence [EU/US TZ]

Do you want to be a part of one of the up and coming alliances in Eve?

New, returning or (not so bitter) veterans are all welcome!

The Rogue Consortium and #rekkingcrew evicted CVA and friends and has made Providence our own. Now we thrive in a perfect environment:

  • Close to highsec markets
  • Constant content as we live in a border region
  • Good ratting and mining opportunities

And above all: A good and friendly community!

C-FD has it’s own system in a quiet corner we operate in and of course have our own structures where you can refine your ore, and produce your goods for the market.

  • Ore/Ice/PI/loot buyback
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Freight Service
  • Daily fleets
  • University

Since our sister alliance is The Rogue University you also have access to their classes where you can learn parts of the game you might not be so familiar with.

If you are a newer player you may join our sister corp Caldari Fire Demons University which is a part of the The Rogue University and has access to everything they offer. This might also be a good fit if you are returning from hiatus and wants to dip your toes a bit slower into the water.

Yes, we do purge inactives.

Do you want to know more? Come on over at our Discord!

You can also contact us ingame “The Caldari Fire Demons” channel

I would like to wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and merry christmas :slight_smile:
Oh, and please blow even more ■■■■ up while you maybe have more time than usual :upside_down_face:

While we are predominately an industrial corporation, we kill stuff most everyday.
We also defend our home ferociously when called upon.

Just killed a mega, cerb and confessor in a wormhole that popped up in a neighbouring system :sunglasses:

Holiday season is upon us and things are a bit quiet, but we welcome you with both arms nonetheless.
New players: Caldari Fire Demons University
Not so new players: Caldari Fire Demons
Either way, Discord is the first step

Still looking for miners, industrialists, pvp’ers, pve’ers, explorers, wormholers…everyone really :slight_smile:

Guess what…:wink:

Happy new year! :partying_face:

2021 has had a good start. 4 new guys in. We have room for more :slight_smile:

Still room for more people :slight_smile:

The Bump

Just took a small Thrasher gang to Catch. Snatched a few and died just as planned \o/
Wanna join? :slight_smile:

8 new heartbeats this year in total for both corps :slight_smile:

So much to mine. So much to produce. So much to kill. So much to explore.

14 new characters so far (guys that stay a day and then leave not included)
We have room for more :slight_smile:

A lot of miners out there is thinking high sec is safer than null. I would advocate the opposite. So bring your favorite mining ship over and join us in Providence. We’ll teach you the do’s and don’ts :slight_smile:

The Bump

The (almost) daily :slight_smile:

6 days without a bump?! Well, here we go to the top again :slight_smile: