PvP, PvE Null - Low Sec. Industry {US / EU TZ} All Are Welcome

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Welcome To Caldari Fire Demons & Caldari Fire Demons University Recruitment Channel.
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We are looking for players that just want to have fun. We are a Mining/Industry Corp with a PvP/PvE wing. Looking for New or Vet. Players.

Mining operations.

- We have Orca & Rorqual Boosts.
- We have Ore & PI buy back.
- We have mining fleets.
- We have Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
- We have blueprints.
- Bonuses for Reprocessing
- Bonuses for Manufacturing
- Low tax rate
- PvP Small / Large

New Player? Caldari Fire Demons University is looking for students to teach Eve to. If you’re a new or returning player your welcome to join our University. We will teach you everything you need or want to learn on Eve. Our Alliance wide training program has classes all the time from Fleet 101 and Mining 101 all the way to Capital flying. If there is something you would like to learn on Eve we will teach you.
We have High sec, Low sec and Null sec spots for your training. You will join in on Mining and/or PvP fleet ops.

We are a tight knit corp of new and older players. Everyone is welcome here and we will try to help you in any way we can.
Pilots that are looking for leadership will be made FC’s and directors quickly. Great opportunity for advancment in the corporation.

Join Discord : Caldari Fire Demons


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We are looking for more to join our ranks. Feel free to join us on discord.

** Mining - PVP Just having fun. **

Industry Players Wanted.

Monday is almost over.

FW time.

We are out of FW now and ready to build. Fun times to come.

Come join us in null and on coms.

Looking for more players : ) Come have some fun.

Looking for more pvp players to join our ranks.

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