Caldari Fire Demons - Content for All [EU/US TZ}

Curious about all Eve has to offer but not sure where to start?
Returning Vet looking to take a bigger role or just looking for a group to hang out with?

At C-FD we offer a wide variety of gameplay styles with support from both Corporation and Alliance level partnerships. Apart of C-FD, you will have PI, exploration, and ratting access in:

  • C3 Wormhole (through Alliance affiliates)
  • Null Sec

Caldari Fire Demons has a strong background in industry and mining and an emerging emphasis on PVP shanagins of all kinds. We are a proud member and founder of Toxic Shockwave

Through our corporation and Alliance friends, you will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Black Ops ‘Hot Drops’
  • Weekly Filament Roams
  • Small gang low sec PVP
  • R16-R64 moon mining
  • Ore/loot/salvage/PI buyback
  • Hauling…?
  • SRP on corp/alliance sanctioned ops
  • Booze cruise!

For our newbros, Caldari Fire Demons University is dedicated to teaching the basics of flying in space and making Isk with equal opportunity to participate in our Hisec and Lowsec operations as well as our filament roams. To get started, hop in our Corporation discord and chat with a recruiter C-FD Discord

C-FD is always on the lookout for more leadership with many open roles from logistics, FC’s as well as mining industry support roles. Contact us in Discord for more info. Time spent in corporation and proper experience must be demonstrated first.

We support our Alliance Streamers!

it really be like that tho

maceroni bumperoni

Still open for cool dudes dont let those scary indy changes scare you… :slight_smile:

Highly recommended! :slight_smile:
You won’t step much wrong if you try these guys out! :sunglasses: :beers:


Thank you and yes come hang out and have fun. Also join in on chat. Game Changer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Also join in on our Drunk Roaming or Filament Roams. :beers:

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we are still actively looking for dank monkes

still actively recruiting!

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