Caldari / Gallente 2009 pilot - 96,613,670 skillpoints Maruder / Cap pilot SOLD


Located in Jita
No kill rights
No jump clones
Positive wallet balance

I wounder if anyone could give me a offer

I started early and trained all over the place
can fly most caladri ships , very good skills in missiles and shield.
Maruder,Hulk,Phoenix , FAX, Thanatos, Nyx

Hope some of you might be interessted.


60B offer

Thats a very good offer, I would like to have the post open for a few more ours, if no one else is offering more later we could do the deal if its ok for you

Okay, but please don’t let me wait too long


send isk and ingame mail wiht account info on the caracter it will be transfered to

ISK transferred
The game account has sent an email

Transfered the caracter you should have been given confimation on that, it will tak some ours before it is transfered and ready to use, read top tread.

Tanks for isk and hope you will enjoy your new caracter, I miss him already :slight_smile:

GOOD. I Can’t wait to embark on a new journey!