Caldari under the radar

I’m hiring 3 mercenaries today Thursday 16th 7pm Eve Time, for at least 2 or 3 hours of fun. Ship: Rook or Buzzard #underTheRadar #caldariTreasureHunters. In English on Discord vocal. No multiboxing. Wanna do something different from usual? That’s happening.

Rook: lots of actions on field. Buzzard: scanning, scouting, and leading the way (not a passive eye-scout). Which one is more your type: Rook? Buzzard? Any?

If ROOK, then
Let’s now check your skills. Must have : fly rook, excellent shields, including remote shields, HAM T2. Do you confirm? Can you data/relic T2?

If BUZZARD, then
Do you have perfect scanning skills and experience in the field? Can you data T2? (I think I’ll do this job myself unless someone insists)

Isk-reward will be determined by how you’ll pull it off. Knowledge will sure be the big prize anyway.