Calling corps in Metropolis

Are there any PVE/PVP corps in Metropolis recruiting? Ideally looking for a high sec PVE/PVP corp based in Metropolis that may get involved in low/null sec PVP, manufacturing and missions/escalations etc.

Please reply here if anyone fits the bill as this toon is a training alpha account and is rarely logged in

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Hi mate we are just setting up our PvP corp - Flames of Chaos - in Metropolis high sec. Three U.K guys ATM (recruiting for EU tz) based in Eram, raiding into nearby null sec for pew pew. For isk there is level 4 security agent in home station and close to low/null sec for exploration. Join F1AME channel in game if it sounds of interest to you or check out our recruitment post on this forum.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I’ll jump in for a chat when I am online next. which might be tonight, but more likely tomorrow. Ill fire yu an eve mail or PM yuu here if I can work out how to do that on the forums.

Well I’ll definitely be online tonight not sure about tomorrow - I’m supposed to giving a newbro some basic PvP training in Eram at 19.00 (Eve time) If you are new to PvP feel free to join us - just throw an x in F1AME channel.

I’ve dropped you a mail… my main has been around a while, whilst maybe not good at PVP is no stranger to it :slight_smile:

Still looking and keeping options open.

Still on the lookout for options.

Are you still recruiting? I’m in Metropolis and I’m looking for a home.

Hi Dione. I was never recruiting, I was looking for a home myself. I seem to have found myself back in a wormhole somehow, which was not the plan.

It’s rather awkward that this post found it’s way back to the top of the forum as I was going to post a new “looking for post”. I think Ill hold off until this one has been buried a bit

I did a search for Metropolis Corps and this came up. I’m also looking for a corp in that general area :slight_smile:

Good luck in your search.

For all people looking for an active group of people in Metropolis region, consider checking by in our Alliance in game channel: [Voices UK] Almost all Corporations are recruiting and we are highly active.

Check out if the corp im in is something for you:

Fly sey,