Callout for the CSM Member : Add the Nyx on the Eros Blossom skin's list

(Resnar Ash-carrier) #1

First I made a reddit post then I made a ticket to the support, A gm answer me in less than 48 hour and told me this and also post on the eve online general and highlight my concern to the CSM, and that’s why i’m here. I bring a major issue who can easly be corrected, we don’t have a lot of pink skins the game, currently only 1 and we can’t buy it anymore, this new skin will be a rare opportunity to see our favorite hull be pink and my favorite hull right now is the nyx, and the nyx is not on the Eros Blossom skin’s list and I would love to see my nyx paint in pink, please CSM help get the nyx on the Eros Blossom list and you will earn my vote ! #PinkNyxMatter

(Steve Ronuken) #2

Eh, we’ll ask.

No idea if there’s even time to get it done before the release.

(system) #3

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