Eros Blossom Skins complain

Hello everyone

With the release of the Eros Blossom Skins (some cool pink skins) on sisi, the commity of the Pink Skin’s Lover have find out that our favorite hull, the Nyx, was not on the list. We, player, should ask in a loud voice to CCP to add this wonderful skins for the Nyx, pink skins are rare, there is actualy NO pink skins avaible, the last one was avaible for a short period of time and more than 1 year ago, this is probably the last opportunity of a pink skin for the nyx until a long time, You, CCP, should add the Eros Blossom skin’s for the Nyx. #PinkNyxMatter


Gimmie dat Purple.

–Gadget luvs her purple drank


On the Machariel some of the petals look like a dildo. :thinking:

The petals at the front.


well i will buy it for my mach

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Guess what will happen on nyx ? BIGGER DILDO. CCP must add this skin for the nyx ! #PinkNyxMatter

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