[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

can i join? i want to do FW for caldari, i have 33m SP and i can fly strat cruiser (loki) and ewar frigs, i also have scimitar skills trained so i can do some shield logi.

We will take black rise!

Went to low sec the other day to lose an Omen, used to live in black rise so that was the obvious place for me to go.

Ended up getting engaged by the calmil guys including some UCN dudes.

Fit is a little outdated being pre resistance nerfs but still managed to take a head before popping.

Honourable dudes, no ewar or risk averse logistics involved. Just an honest brawl between folks. Gfs in local.

Reminds me of what LS used to be before the capital dropping edgelords took over. 10/10 would fight again.


KM evidence -

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Thanks for the honorable mention mundi! o7

I joined this corp and it is awesome!

Thanks Zack! Glad to hear it!

I joined the corp as a NewBro a little under a month ago now, and I can honestly say that the corp has been amazing. It is very active, provides loads of content, has a great community and has given the time to train me where I’ve needed it. So for anyone, new or experienced looking for a corp that wants regular PvP and to be part of a great community join the UCN!

Fate Fleet is an alliance mate of United Caldari Navy, as part of the United Caldari Space Command.
UCN is a great bunch of guys fighting for The Caldari State, with great organization, around the clock action, daily fleets, and other opportunities.
Join UCN, and UCSC for some of the best and most available frog kicking content in New Eden.
Join UNC today!

For The State!

(Plus Faction Warfare is super hot these days, come get some content!)

So Im a returning player, used to do Amarr fw back in 09, left because of RL stuff. Looking for cheap, uber active fleet pvp, both in low and whatever else presents its head to explode. 49 mil sp main, 2x 20+ mil sp alt accounts. US TZ ( I work from home before the virus, so now that its saner to just stay inside I have LOADs of free time available for Eve. Finally) Are you guys all day or focused on one time zone for the larger fleets. I am going to be doing bombers bar as well (love cloaky stuff too) so trying to figure out if it would be a fit.

Hop into our discord Hannis! :smiley:

Hey y’all! We are definitely still recruiting, and even developing our training programs for newer and less experienced pilots. Any who are interested should join our discord, I’m happy to show you all the ropes of flying in LowSec space and beyond!