[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

When your enemies bail warzone and recognize that your corp is growing fast:


This is to the top

top of the tippy top

Weekend bump

Sunday Funday today!

Don’t take our word, take our enemy’s :

Bump it, twist it, faction warfare it. Blackrise it.

the black abyss shall rise!!

A ton of knowledgeable and chill people, come learn to pvp and shoot the ■■■■

very true!!!

Solid group! Big fun!

Come and join in on the fun.

We keep quafe on hand for Gallente Prisoner. We are humane.

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Quafe for all our prisoners

One does not simply enter Black RIse with the Gallente ticker.

top tier bumps!!

big bump! yay!


bigger bump