[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

In the battle of Hasmijala the Cooperative of Caldari Alliances joined forces to win Hasmijala from the Gallente. The effort was led by United Caldari Navy.

Lots of fights, lots of fun, join today.

Sad I could make it!

Even CCP mods help us bump our thread, must be an awesome place to be! WOW!

Battle of Heydeles is on with great pew pew all day. Come and join in the fun.

In the Battle of Heydeles today, we fought pirates over an open complex and another killing 3 Vargur Marauders worth almost 10 billion isk with Drakes. Then we were dropped on by a large group of Snuffed Out pirates and exited the fight with minimal losses.

Get in on the fun. We have Drakes available.

Getting ready for the weekend peak pvp time. Join and enjoy the fun.

Smart bombing Hyperion just warped into our fleet. Poor decision. We are growing, join the fun.

The Battle of Heydeles morphed into a big multi hour fight with UCN and their partners CALSF killing over 6 billion isk worth of ships. Get on the killboard, join up today.

Today in the West Asia, East EU and EU time zones we battled pirates who could field 6 Vargur Marauders. We out flanked them with a fleet of Basalisks, Drakes and Nighthawks. They fled freeing the war zones of serious pirate interference.

Largest and most active calmil alliance. Guaranteed daily fleets!

The Caldari Cooperative Initiative, of which UCN is a leading member, is giving more game play in more time zones than ever. Join today.

We have many new and returning members. All are welcome. Join the pew pew.

Tonight is Friday night drunk fleet where we raise a glass and kill some gals.

United Caldari Navy is top killer corp in the entire Caldari navy, again! Join today.