Can an Exhumer have a cloaking devices on board?

can it use one

Try it with Fitting Simulation?

I think it can use it but good luck fitting it. :rofl:

You can put a cloak on any ship that has a free high slot and enough CPU, but why would you want it on an exhumer?

Fitting it would be a problem and a waste.

Learn how to cloak without cloaking.

Press F10, study that map.

Find a good system.

For traveling through dangerous space. There’s no problem with fit; you just re-fit at destination.

You can fit it as part of a travel fit But I doubt you could turn it on before being pointed.

Just toss a bomb at it to uncloak it. If that still works out of highsec?

Why?? @Mindahouf_Davaham

wanted to know if it did thoought drones still worked when clocked

i believe you lose control of them when you cloak…and exhumers/barges cant use cov ops cloaks…so you cant warp cloaked.

That’s what the Prospect is for…