Can someone point me to the AUTZ please

I am super Hyped for the GM week can someone point out to me were i can find the AUTZ content for this event?

I have checked here on news GM Week is Back! | EVE Online as well as the new player photo linked below but cant seem to find the AUTZ portion of this event. Can someone with knowledge point it out for me?



It’s on lock down… Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.


AU/NZ TZ really needs representation, CCP needs to have reps from most time zones and AUTZ is becoming more and more relevant to large scale wars. CSmM also needs some Aussies thrown into the mix, not enough beer…

It’s during the DT window as always…

Don’t worry, someone will record it for the 5 of you.

Insulting people based on their country of origin is pretty trashy.

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“Don’t worry, someone will record it for the 5 of you.”



The 5 of us did well in the war against pisspi…

1 of 5 here… can I get that on CatchUp!

Imagine getting your panties twisted because someone said a certain timezone doesn’t have a lot of players.

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No P2W


Too bad that mask you’re wearing can’t shut you up.

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No salt here… but I do have a lotta sugar :smiley:

You globalists need to stop pretending this Australia exists. It’s a tiered trope.

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Your mother must be so proud that she raised a total dick.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Is there one?

Apparently there’s an AUTZ playerbase now. I learned of it over the summer. EVE truly is an international phenomenon now.

There is no Australian tz.

It’s the China tz, or at best the Korean tz.


So you do understand hypocrisy way down there. Interesting