Can someone walk me through what happens when a carrier is caught?

I’m not talking about nerfing cloaky camping. I want to understand the scenario, preferably from a hunter’s point of view of what happens when a carrier is caught by a someone hunting in system. What happens step by step?

Is it just…

  1. scan ship down at site.
  2. warp in cloaked and maneuver close to the target.
  3. decloak, light a cyno.
  4. jump in bubbles and fleet.
  5. kill carrier.
  6. get out.

Is a cyno used even? Or is it gate warp? Does the initial ship scram the carrier? What happens? I am very curious and think an understanding of the process would be helpful.

Please keep nerfing of cloaky campera out of the discussion. I just want to know what happens before and after the fight… Minus the then post on the die in bit too.

BLOPs way …

  • hunter hunts
  • spots victim via quick dscan (in which anomaly)
  • warps
  • burns in range, points
  • lights covert cyno
  • bombers and recons jump in, second points
  • kill the carrier
  • kill the response fleet if possible
  • BLOPs and fuel truck jump in, get safe
  • loot, get safe and cloak up



Bait carrier lights cyno.

10 more carriers and a super jump in.

Your fleet dies.


Thank you both

While I’m not a wormholer, I’ve seen wormholers tackle carriers in our space before.

Typically a dictor will get a bubble on a carrier, and they’ll bring in sleipnirs or something… fast, low mass (for the punch they pack), high dps, high tank, more than enough tracking to defang.

One of the biggest parts of killing a carrier is defanging it in some way.

You can ECM the fighters if you want, or you can DPS them. Either way, you don’t want to be tanking them in most instances. The BLOPS way they just bridge in a falcon or three. If I were traveling through a hole I’d just bring some griffins.

In my experience the hunter and carrier both lit cynos and all hell breaks loss

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Cynos are sweet and sexy. Anything can come out of it. Always fit a cyno in your carrier. It could save your sorry ass by allowing a response fleet to come in and help. Sometimes the hunter is hunted. But then a capital response fleet takes time to assemble, unless you are piloting a bait carrier that is.

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