Can we bring container management into this century?

I’m a returning player, and while recently reviving my old corporation and revisiting all the corp permissions I was dismayed to discover that the corp management interface has remained basically untouched in over a decade. After many hours of squinting at half broken Photon windows I have finally managed to rework all the corp permissions, but had to basically abandon using any sort of station containers to organize the corp hangars because the way container management is handled is completely asinine.

For starters, there’s literally no way to allow someone to view the contents of a container without also having the permissions to remove things from that container. Why would query access to a hangar not query the contents of cans in that hangar? Once you have take access, you can both query and take… why not just have query access work as one would actually expect and allow you to just query can contents as well?

Next, what’s up with the audit logs on cans, they log literally everything BUT when something is added or removed from the can? That seems pretty backwards. It’s so much extra work for literally everyone to lock everything in the cans, unlock items when you need to take from a stack, then remember to relock the remainder - if you forget to relock the stack, the next person can come along and just take the items and you will be blamed for the theft as the last person in the logs to unlock the stack, since the logs don’t just show when items are actually added or removed. It’s also more work for anyone auditing the logs having to check who’s locking and unlocking stacks and doing the math on how many items they took.

Are container query/take permissions the way they are because someone actually thought this was a good idea for reasons unknown to me, or are they the way they are due to some old backend limitation I know nothing about? This seems like a thing that should have been fixed a long time ago, but has just become accepted as The Way Things Are.

Similarly I assume not logging when things are actually added/removed to cans was done due to some system limitation, either CCP couldn’t figure out how to code it to capture that data or there were performance issues with logging all that information. Well it’s been over ten years and EVE has seen a lot of upgrades and advances since then. Do you think maybe we can revisit this piece of legacy jank and make it better now?


I concurr.

It’s almost like folks don’t know what a hierarchical filesystem is. But here, have some pretty skins.

Are you suggesting to install MS-DOS inside EVE Client? :thinking:

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You expect CCP to provide the same simple functionality of every other mmorpg in existence since 1999? You’re asking for way too much, now.


that could help you

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