It took them 15 years to change the wording of a single tutorial mission so new players would stop asking “How do I mine Tritanium?” ten thousand times a day…

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XD I asked this.

My former employer @Archer_en_Tilavine has mentioned he received mail from ccp that with the advent of alphas, they werent enforcing it as much

I just ran through the career agents again last week. They’re not that much improved and I could still see how a newbro would want to know how to mine trit.

I don’t claim to be an expert, far from it. However, I work in legacy systems that utilize databases, and so I understand what it entails. From my perspective, as not an expert, I could handle changes like that in the systems I work in. So a team of experts, who work specifically on that area of expertise should be able to handle it. Like I said, I don’t believe at all that this is a matter of not being able, but not being willing.

How long it took them is not a measure of difficulty. It is a lack of priority and potentially time. If they are constantly busy with other, arguably more important tasks, it could very well take them an extremely long time to fix something as small and insignificant as wording in a mission.

It literally would have taken 5 minutes to change that bit of wording. An intern could have done it on his lunch break…


I don’t consider things like that to be small or insignificant when rookie players have been asking that and other associated questions a thousand times a day for over a decade straight, when a simple change in text would have put an instant stop to it…

That is literally my point, it was a lack of priority. They didn’t care about fixing it, so it didn’t get done for years.

You don’t consider it small or insignificant…neither do I. But CCP does.

Where is @Daichi_Yamato when we need him? He would have explained why the database changes weren’t so easy.

Much the same as CCP not being able to fully remove POS from the legacy code as it would cause a divide by zero error and the entire EVE universe would get sucked into a vortex. Or something like that…

imagine in real life, you’re being targeted for assassination, so you go to the social security office for a name change, but you get told you can’t change your name because the mechanics isn’t there to give you a name change

You would be correct, because the unemployment office doesn’t do that…


I want a new social security number. I don’t like my old one.

Sneak across our Southern border and you can have any social security number you want…


I prefer not having an option to change character names. I think its nice to recognize pilots names. I know it can be done manually in rare occasions. That should be enough, if you ask me.

that’s your choice, not other’s

Hello i hope this topic is still alive. Personally i would like the name change feature as well because my alt character became pretty much my main. However i must agree with those who are against it. There is too much things tied to your name.

Alternative suggestion that i dont think was posted yet - Nickname system.
Name stays the same - everyone can still see your name search you by your name and everything.
But you could have a secondary nickname that would be displayed name. If someone views your character it would just say for example “Tsukiryuu Amatin aka Your Nickname”. But in chat and other places where your name would show up your nickname would be displayed. Ofc things like transfering money would still work based on your character true name. And then still there could be a limit of how often you can change your nickname.

Local would still need to display the original name to other people, since it’s used as an intel tool. When you talk in chat, using “Your Nickname aka Original Name” could work.