Can we remove open FW missions please

I get sick of all the FW missions that are opened and left open in systems. Is there any way that the opposite faction can hack them so that they go away. If they arent finished the opener isnt punished (which is fine), but the clutter is getting old. Addionally, if new missions are opened, and others have been hacked - risk should be increased for enemy mission runners.

Just a thought.

They eventually go away. As a former mission runner, it’s important to allow them to remain open. Let me explain from my point of view.

A bomber is easy to pop. There are many, many pvp-fit pilots that sit in systems waiting for mission runners to pop a mission so they can run to it and get easy kills. Some pilots spend their whole day doing nothing but waiting for them to pop open.

As a result, many mission runners will come into system, pop the mission, then go to the next system and do the same. Then, when all popped, come back and take a shot at the missions. It’s safer that way. If I went into a system and nobody was there, I’d pop the mission and immediately go to it and complete it. However, there were some systems that I knew a guy in it was only waiting for mission runners. In those systems I always popped them and left, to come back later.

tldr; Sorry, but it’s safer for mission runners.

missions just need to be deleted from fw.

Nobody actually does missions anymore or even camps missions anymore. That fun game was removed when ccp removed npc loyalty so you could camp in the mission without them attacking you, and the addition of 30km structure bubble on warp in prevent cloaks.

its an old meta game that nobody plays anymore. just like links.


Yes bombers are squishy, but theres also the concept of higher risk, higher reward. The LP you get for missions is significant (especially with bonusing skills). Right now (and its obviously intended) its far to easy.

I know FW is seen by CCP as an anti-inflation tool or something like that, but as Pocket said - please make it a better somthing than a easy button isk farm.

And this is where its like talking to a brick wall… so ill digress. But keeping FW plexs open so that bomber farming is easy is a horrible justification for what currently exists.

I do missions in fw, is fun to do.
Just because they “offend your eyes” does not mean they need to be taken away.

You just posted an argument against yourself… particularly considering how much more lucrative they are compared to the rest of FW

Then if what your saying is serious I’m the last mission runner in high sec which I think is highly unlikely lol . Have a great game don’t mess with other people’s core enjoyment and yes there are a huge number of punks that love to gank you instead of earn there own have a good evening.

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