Can you do lv 1 missions with a drake?

is it possible?

yes but use a frigate/destroyer. The warp speed + better apply will save your time.

Umm… L1 missions are designed to be run by corvettes/frigates for newbies to get started. The drake is a battlecruiser for crying out loud. Sure you can do it but it’s complete overkill and will take longer to warp there then a smaller ship. If you can’t handle L1 missions in that size of a ship you’re doing something seriously wrong somewhere.

The general ship progression for PVE missions is typically Frigate or Destroyer for Lvl 1, Cruiser for Lvl 2, Battlecruiser for Lvl 3 and Battleship for Lvl 4.

This isn’t carved in stone. Depending on your skills, the specific mission requirements and how you fit your ship you don’t have to follow this exactly as I mention, but as a general template it’s how you should look at which size ship to use in different level missions.

But back to your original question. Yes, you can bring a Drake, if you really want to (refer to the “Can I bring my Drake?” Eve meme).

I don’t have any issues, but well, I like overkill

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If you like overkill then you should bring your Raven if in Highsec and your Leviathan if in Null/Lowsec. :roll_eyes:

there are (were?) a few frigate only gates so there may be some lv1s your drake can’t do, but largely it should be able. Personal advice is to train connections to lv3 and then go run one level 1 and bam you have the standings to do lv2s. Heck if you did the SoE arc you probably have the standings for one faction already.

I don’t have any of those :cry:

Back in the day I had the same question about the Raven, so I took my Raven and talked to my first agent, warped to the mission system, waited… BOOM! Smartbomb away, mission completed.

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Depends on if you can get it through the mission gate which may have restrictions, larger ships arent exactly optimal usually simply because of weapon types; your drake will be better off with rapid light missile launchers on level 1’s and a mix in level 2’s (like 2 heavy missile launchers) whilst on level 3 and 4 missions you will only use hml.

golem is better in HS.

Just because you can use some ship to do the job does not mean you should. Isk/time will be low in L1 missions if you use Battlecruiser. Because medium size weapons (though RLML is not a medium size) are made for medium size ships, L1 is all about frigates. And warp speed + time to enter warp will also kill your time efficiency.
Proper L1 blitz modil is a all gank fitted coercer. You pop targets faster, than they can harm you. It is used for fixing racial standings.
If you do not need to fix standings - just get your social skills up and go straight to L2 security missions.
Proper ship for blitzing L2 for low skilled char is passive shield tanked gank / warp speed optimized Gnosis. Same ship but with active tank is used in L3 missions.

Lolwut are you serious…sorry. Of course its possible. But as a few folks have already told you im sure…impractical.

u wot lol


LOL using a BC for L1 missions.

I dont even use a BC for L3 missions. I can some L3s in a frigate, I know I have run a few in a Tristan. But most of the time I use my Algos for almost every mission L3 and under.

A Lv 1 with a drake is like doing Brain-surgery for minimum wage. A drake, with even basic access to shields, missiles, etc should be able to do Lv 3’s with your eyes closed and will actually make your wallet look like it is moving in the positive direction.

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