Can you get datacores and use Invention if you are not Omega

I am trying to Invent Tech II stuff but I need datacores, Which as far as I know can only be earned from R and D agents but to have a conversation with an agent I need to have skills like Rocket Science that require Omega to use. Is there any other ways to get datacores and use Invention?

You can purchase datacores on the market or at faction warfare LP stores. Invention requires science skills which can’t be trained by Alpha characters.

Thanks for the answer. So I guess there is no point buying data cores because I cant use them for invention

You’re looking at about 6 months Omega training to get the skills for invention and datacores aren’t much use to you without that training. Once you have the skills and some experience with the markets, it isn’t hard to earn enough to PLEX your account but it will require subscribing for a while.

i would add that you easily find datacores in data sites (explo)

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