Can you manually put a citadel into low power?

Could a spy/angry dude with citadel control privileges manually place it in low power so that an enemy fleet waiting nearby could rush in and nuke it for loot?

I have moved all my stuff to NPC stations, but was curious if there would be a new ‘scam’ so to speak where people create a friendly citadel to protect the masses, and then set it up to be destroyed and get the loot.

I honestly doubt it would be effective, I assume most people have stopped storing goods in Citadels now, but still I am curious to see what new game play this will result in post purge.

Just take out the fuel, but everyone storing stuff there would be alerted their crap was at risk.

You can as stated remove the fuel but it then takes a week to go abandoned, and during that week everyone has time to move their stuff.

Not everyone.


Could you not spam the thread with stuff unrelated to the subject?

lol OP thinks it can be “rushed”

How much stuff there is in Perimeter… Not everyone will log in to move stuff. :smirk:


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