Take down timer need tweaking does it really need to take 1 full week to take down a citadel of any size? When putting one up any size takes 24 hours I do not get it? So with out haste what I love to see happen.

Medium Citadel Take down time change 1 week to 48 hours or 2 days

Large Citadel Take down time change from 1 week to 96 hours 4 days

XL Citadel Take down time change from 1 week to 144 hours 6 days

Granted there a bit more completed then a the old POS but the question needs to be asked should it be the same take down time for all classes or is this just a bad code Devs put in on 1.0 Citadels and is it not now a good time to have it changed making it more productive for all owners that now use them.

going back in the day when you could rip down a large POS tower in 60 mines flat Thank you all for your time reading this

Gives the defenders a chance to rally for the timer. More people showing up = better fight.

They already removed the shield timer by making them always vulnerable. They already added low power mode to aid in citadel spam.

They don’t need to reduce a defender’s reaction window.

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that’s a good point not considered

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